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The Ongoing Stress Test Debate
The controversy over the mortgage stress test continues. Banks, economists, mortgage lenders, Realtors, mortgage brokers, and its association Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) are urging government...
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Why Use A Mortgage Agent? - continued-
A Mortgage Agent is better able to tailor a mortgage product to your specific needs, whether that means working with a Lender who is more flexible with self-employed income, of a Lender who offers...
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Canadian Housing Affordability Improves – Really! Here’s Why
Housing affordability has been big talk in the country for a few years now. We’ve had rising interest rates and rising house prices, to a point where government felt it had to intervene to mitigate...
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Mortgage Payments
The majority of mortgage payments are what they call blended payments, which carry two components, Principal along with Interest. When you begin paying your mortgage, a large part of your payment are...
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